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Minutes of April, 1998 Meeting





April 23, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 7:00 pm by President Dick Byrnes.

Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Carol Agers, Bill Bookwalter, Bob Brandin, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Meg Downs, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Jim Moore, Joanne Johnson, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Gary Hofrnann, Patricia Meyers, Joan McClelland, Ray Spencer, Chris Stefan, Joan Steninger, Don Trautman, Bob Wier, Harry Williams, representing all 16 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum.


2.     Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) The minutes of the meeting of March 26, 1998, were approved. A letter was received from Bob Cook, President, Oak Creek Estados, complimenting Joan McClelland for her work on the Big Park Community Plan, and stating their support for the Plan.


3.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). There is a balance of $1715.55 in our account. All members have now paid their dues for 1998. Joan McClelland: Moved to accept; Seconded/Passed.


4.     Committee Reports.

A.   Big Park Community Plan (Joan McClelland). Ms. McClelland has polled the members with the result that there is unanimous support for the revised Plan. Secretary Carlile was asked to send a letter to P&Z indicating unanimous support [Letter sent to Michelle Denne, P&Z, dated April 24, 1998]. A map will be finished by the beginning of week of April 27, 1998. It is being prepared by Public Works of Yavapai County. Ms. McClelland was thanked for her excellent work.

B.   Boys’ and Girls’ Club (Jim Moore). Jim Moore reported that the Federal grant applied for through the Sedona Boys’ and Girls’ Club was not approved, but we are high on the list. There has been no word from Chip Davis regarding the grant for funds from County resources. Mr. Moore stated that the Committee wants to establish a branch in VOC of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Sedona. There is a meeting planned with Nancy Alexander, Russ Snyder, and Don Hall regarding how achieve this goal; also how to establish a program for the youth of VOC this summer. A possibility is to bus VOC children to the West Sedona School campus where a managed day camp will occur. The Committee is considering the old Fire Station for a community center that will serve all ages. A major fund raising effort is planned for August. Other grant opportunities are being sought.

There was a discussion of who would administer a grant if it should be awarded.

C.   Highway 179 Committee (Dorothy Hores). This is a report from a sub­Committee, the Access Committee, of the Hwy 179 Committee. The Access Committee was concerned about the lack of a deceleration lane at the Kokopelli Inn which now has direct access to 179. This was apparently an oversight by ADOT. Consequently, the Access Committee formed a joint committee with ADOT, County Public Works, as well as the Access Committee to identify all parcels not yet developed along 179 from Wild Horse Mesa to north of the Circle K, and to propose an access management plan that would minimize direct access from 179 to these parcels as they become developed. The first stage of this plan is now completed. The maps showing how access is to be provided should be finished by the week of April 27.

Bob Wier asked how a commercial development such as the Kokopelli Inn could get a building permit without showing how it was going to have access to 179. The problem apparently is that ADOT and the County have not been communicating. Joan McClelland pointed out that this is the first time that the County and ADOT have cooperated on an issue like this. Gary Hofmann stated that the only way to guarantee that an access oversight does not occur is to link it directly to the issuance of the building permit. On another subject, he said that the Sedona Village Business Assn (SVBA) has found that NACOG has available the funds to build sidewalks along 179 within the Village. ADOT will leave space for sidewalks to be built but will not build them. But NACOG will not appropriate the funds unless there is some definite mechanism set up to maintain them and to provide liability insurance coverage for them. President Byrnes said that Bob Aberg had located funds for sidewalks also.

D. P&Z Liaison Committee (Joanne Johnson). Ms. Johnson read the following statement: “There is a proposed project called ‘A Day in the West’, to be on the Bradshaw Ranch located off Red Rock Canyon Road and Hwy. 89A. It totals 90.02 acres with on-site septic system and water wells. The developers plan to build an old west movie site, an adobe House museum, Elvis site, red rock movie set, Indian village, a replica of Montezuma’s Castle, a fort, a restaurant, a horse arena, and wagon station using Forest Service land for wagon rides. Your Committee feels that we need to be good neighbors as part of the Greater Sedona Area and write a letter to the County objecting to this project for the following reasons: 1) it is a proposed commercial development on land zoned one house per two acres; 2) It is surrounded by National Forest land and is serviced by Loy Butte Rd, a dirt road. Your Committee feels that this is an inappropriate use of this ranch parcel and will cause a domino effect for commercial development on other ranches in the area. The Boynton Canyon area has beautiful red rock vistas, wild life and Indian ruins. The beauty of the area attracts many visitors and should be preserved for future generations. It should not be ruined by commercial development. Your Committee requests that a letter be sent to the County objecting to this development.”

Bob Carlile stated that even though this is not within the Big Park Plan area, this is within the Red Rock/Dry Creek Plan and represents a gross violation of that Plan. He said that if we want other Plan areas to support our Plan, we should support theirs. Joan McClelland said that the County has been asking County wide for input on developments like this. They send a form that we fill out with our opinion, and return it to the County Building and Planning Dept. What will be requested of P&Z will be a use permit to allow the commercial development outlined above on land zoned residential. Carolyn Fisher moved that we take a vote on our position on this issue. Seconded: Harry Williams. Bob Wier and Meg Downs suggested caution. Dorothy Hores said that we have a standing committee (P&Z Liaison) that has studied this issue and has made a recommendation. What is the purpose of this Committee if we don’t put a lot of weight on its recommendation? After some discussion, Carolyn withdrew her motion (Williams agreed). After further discussion, the Council unanimously agreed to notify the County via their form that we express considerable concern regarding the granting of a use permit for the project [form completed and sent April 24, 1998]. Joanne Johnson wanted to know how the Council can respond decisively to P&Z issues that have deadlines for response of a few days. Meg Down suggested a telephone poll of the Council.


5.     Old Business. Sedona Golf Resort PAD. Joanne Johnson reviewed the issue as stated in the Minutes of the Council Meeting of March 26, 1998, Item 6C. Bob Carlile moved that a letter be written to the County stating that the Council opposes any type of amendment to the PAD which would allow 64 unit casitas to be built. Seconded, Carolyn Fisher. Gary Hoftnann, Rep. for SVBA, recused himself from the discussion stating a potential conflict, and yielded to Don Trautman, Alt. for SVBA. Mike Withey, attorney for Sedona Golf Resort, gave a presentation. He stated that the alternate to the casitas is a 97,000 sq ft shopping center. He expressed surprise at the opposition by the Council to the casitas. There was considerable negative response by the Council to his presentation. Council members said that the hotel development is offensive to the community, and that the Resort has therefore lost credibility with the community and with the Council.

President Byrnes asked about the enormous amount of fill dirt that has been moved onto the 9 acres. Bob Wier stated that after checking with the County, it is permissible to store dirt of that magnitude without a County permit. He said he was frustrated by our control mechanisms that would allow such a large volume to dirt to be moved without any County involvement. Bob Brandin stated that the Ridge is in favor of the casitas, and recommended a no vote on the motion. Mr. Withey stated in regard to the 25,000 cu yds of dirt, that it will be moved again, and it is not for the casitas, and it is not being compacted. Joan McClelland called the question. Aye: 13, Ney: 2. Motion passed [letter sent April 24 to P&Z].

Carol Agers, Rep. from Valley Vista Estates, yielded to Phylis Medly who read a statement regarding several concerns that the Board of the Valley Vista Estates Assn. has with SunCor, developer of Sedona Golf Resort. This statement ends optimistically, stating: “Because we have experienced a cordial relationship with local SunCor officials, the . . .Board anticipates that the aforementioned concerns will be seriously considered...”. The complete statement is available from the Secretary.


6. New Business.

A.   Yavapai Sheriff’s Office (Dottie Lucas). Dottie introduced Curt Milan, Community and Media Relations, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, who discussed the Neighborhood Watch program.

B. P&Z Liaison Committee Revisited (Joanne Johnson) Issue 1 :Ms. Johnson asked that the Secretary write a letter to P&Z stating that the Council has no objection to the amendment to the Las Piedras unit 1 final plat and site plan. Joan McClelland moved that the letter be written as proposed by Ms. Johnson. Seconded: Ray Spencer. Passed [letter sent to P&Z April 24]. Issue 2: Artisan’s Gallery. Postponed. Issue 3: For your information only: The Oak Creek owners of the Factory stores are planning an expansion of the stores of 32,000-37,000 sq ft to be located over the existing parking lot. They are not requesting a change of zoning. Issue 4: Jim Moore is heading up a Beautification Committee. One objective is to plant a number of trees near Weber’s new store.

C.  Trail Access Through Neighborhoods and Sedona Growth Committee. Deleted.

D.  Access to Jacks Canyon (Dick Byrnes). President Byrnes stated that when a gate was placed across Pebble Drive, there was discussion about difficulties in getting emergency vehicles through the area. A solution that was suggested at that time was to create a road north of the Village that would alleviate traffic on Lee Mountain Road and in the Pine Valley area. Last week surveyors were observed on Forest Service land in the area north of Pinon Woods. President Byrnes had a conversation with Richard Straub, Director of Public Works, who says that this was an effort by the County to run a cost estimate on access to the Jacks Canyon area. “There may be more to this than just the cost estimate. If you have a road, usually something goes on the road,” President Byrnes said.

Dave Steninger has talked to Chip Davis and others. He said they have an intent to build a road from 179 to Lee Mountain Rd. They want to get all the preliminary work done in advance and then present this plan to the community as an accomplished fact. Joan McClelland pointed out that this affects all of Pinon Woods and all of Bell Rock Vista I. She said that the new Community Plan requires that any new road should have minimum impact on existing neighborhoods. Bob Wier said that the Forest Service cannot grant an authorization to use that land for a road without an environmental impact statement. President Byrnes asked that Jim Moore, Don Trautman, and Dave Steninger assist him in investigating what precisely is happening, and report back at the next Council meeting [Note that a Special Meeting has been called on May 19, 1998, for this purpose].

E.   New Committee for a DRO. President Byrnes said that now that the Community Plan is finished, we need to consider guidelines for a Design Review Overlay for the community.  He asked Joanne Johnson, Dorothy Hores, and Jerry McDermet to meet and report back to the Council at the next meeting on the advisability of having a DRO.

F.   Commercial Overflying of Area (Craig Dible). An organization, Citizens for Aircraft Noise Abatement or CANA, has produced a 200 page Quiet Skies report. Mr. Dible discussed some of the highlights, and passed out a notice of a general meeting.


7.     Adjourn: 9:32pm


Respectfully Submitted,




Bob Carlile,








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