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Since incorporation in 1996, the Council has provided the Big Park Region, including the Village of Oak Creek, with a structured, representational organization to serve the community’s interests.

We represent more than 6,100 citizens

Today the Council includes 23 Residential, Business and Educational organizations, who in turn, represent more than 6,100 citizens. The Council’s focus is not limited to our members. Unlike individual HOA’s and enterprises – our mission embraces the best interests of the entire community.

The Big Park Council acts as the voice of the Village to government and private organizations affecting Village life. The Council provides unique value to the region in the form of communication, education, and collaboration.

The Council meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 9am.  Currently, all meetings are via Zoom.  Sign up for our Newsletter to receive Community News and meeting details.  Check the calendar for future meeting dates.

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Great News!

We are happy to report that our Big Park Council fundraising effort reached its goal of $10,000, thanks to the many generous donors to this campaign including the very generous matching gift from the Sedona Village Partnership!  We are working with environmental attorneys to explore legal options.

HOLD THE DATE – APS Transmission Line
Public Forum

BPC is sponsoring a public forum on the proposed APS Transmission Line – Learn about APS proposed 13-mile high-voltage transmission line between McGuireville and the VOC substation at the southeast corner of Hwy 179 and Jacks Canyon Road.  Plans currently include 65-foot-high steel, self-weathering poles along the Kel Fox trail and through the Village. 
Date: Wednesday 27 September
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Location: VOC Church of the Nazarene, 55 Rojo Drive, VOC

​Click HERE to download a PDF copy to share.


14 September Meeting Highlights & Community News

COMMUNITY NEWS -MEETING HIGHLIGHTS FOLLOW  * SUBMIT NOISE COMPLAINTS TO BIG PARK COUNCIL * With unanimous approval of the Big Park Council, a team has met with Yavapai County Supervisor Michaels, Planning Director Jeremy Dye and Assistant Planning Director Mark Lusson...

Proposed Changes to the Articles of Incorporation

Dear Big Park Council Representatives, Alternates and Member Organization leaders, After waiting 5 1/2 months, the IRS has responded to our request to change our tax status from 501(c) 6 to 501(c) 3.  In order to be approved as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, the...

14 September BPC Meeting Agenda

COMMUNITY NEWS - Meeting Agenda Follows - Keep Scrolling - * Great News! * - Fundraising Goal Met for Legal Research Related to APS Powerline Proposal - We are happy to report that our Big Park Council fundraising effort reached its goal of $10,000, thanks to the many...

OHV Meeting with Congressmen – Sept. 7

OHV Meeting with Congressmen Dr. Paul L. Gosar & Eli Crane and USFS Chief Randy Moore -September 7, 9am - 3pm - Many of you have expressed concerns about management of OHV's on public land.  The Yavapai Cattle Growers Association and Arizona Cattle Growers...

Help Wanted

Dear Big Park Council Representatives, Alternates, Subscribers, and VOC Residents, I am writing to request your assistance.  Recently the Big Park Council has been a very busy organization and interest in the activities of the Council seems to be increasing a lot. ...

Contributions to the APS Transmission Line Fund

At the August 10 meeting of the BPC, the Sedona Village Partnership offered to contribute $5000 of matching funds to augment funds raised by the community to help us reach our $10,000 goal for a formal legal assessment to determine the likelihood of successful...

10 August BPC Meeting Highlights & Community News

  - COMMUNITY NEWS -MEETING HIGHLIGHTS FOLLOW - REMINDER:  BPC Seeking Donations for Legal Research Related to APS Powerline Proposal Big Park Council is undertaking a limited fundraising campaign to finance legal research which could be used in the case of an...

Tips for Representatives to Engage their Constituents

- Tips for BPC Representatives and Alternates to Engage Their Constituents -   Dear Big Park Council Representatives and Alternates, These are the tips that the Membership Committee came up with awhile back for you to consider to better engage your neighbors...

10 Aug BPC Meeting Agenda and Community News

  - COMMUNITY NEWS -Meeting Agenda Follows - Keep Scrolling -  USFS announces elevated wildlife crossings to be constructed - Comment by Aug 29. The Kaibab and Coconino national forests are seeking public comments about a proposal to install up to three new...

APS Transmission Line Legal Assessment

- Letter from the President - At the end of the BPC Meeting July 13, the Council reconvened in Executive Session after all guests had departed.   Discussion followed a motion to authorize the raising of funds to proceed with analysis of the prospects for successful...