Monday, September 28, 2020

P&Z Committee, Minutes of the Sept meeting

We had an impressive turnout at the meeting this month.  The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 23, 10am via Zoom.

The committee is seeking a volunteer to help with a few simple research tasks to keep our County permit ledger current.  It would require apx 1 hour/month.  Send an email to Chair Mary Morris to learn more:

Download PDF of Sept P&Z meeting minutes

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Update on D3 Supervisors Candidate Forum 9/30

The League of Women Voters of Greater Verde Valley
Is Hosting Two Forums

  • September 30 (6-7:30 PM): Candidate Forum for Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, District 3
  • October 5 (6-7:30 PM) : Community Forum on Consolidation of Cottonwood-Oak Elementary District and Mingus Union High School District
Due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the forums will be live-streamed and videotaped by Verde Valley TV.  A direct link to live-stream the forums can be found at .

After each forum occurs, it will be available through TV (Suddenlink channel 2, Sparklight channel 1065) and posted on YouTube:, the LWVGVV website:, and other social media.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Announcement: Candidates Forum for Board of Supervisors District 3

We just learned that the League of Women Voters of Greater Verde Valley is hosting a Candidates Forum for County Board of Supervisors District 3 (includes the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona).

Moderators for the forum will compile and pose voters' questions to the candidates. You can submit questions by emailing: by September 23.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the forums will be videotaped by Verde Valley TV and posted on YouTube, LWV GVV website: and other social media.

More information on how to watch and possibly participate in the forum will be provided when available.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

How sweet it is to meet again

Originally Published: September 3, 2020 1:54 p.m. Verde Independent

In August, the Big Park Council conducted its first electronic regular meeting via Zoom. It was wonderful to be together again, and aside from a little electronic clunkiness, a lot was accomplished.

• Welcomed a new officer, Secretary Phil Feiner, who was elected via our new electronic voting system.

• Mary Morris was announced as chair pro tem of the Planning & Zoning Committee, succeeding Mike Ryan, who resigned for personal reasons. There are currently no applications under review by the committee.

• Introduced the amendment to our bylaws to clarify BPRCC electronic meetings and voting preferences. Discussion and voting will happen in September.

• Formed an ad hoc Community Plan Committee to lead the Big Park Regional Community Plan update for the 2022 Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan.

• John Swingle, our liaison to the Verde Valley Transportation and Planning Organization, gave a run down on various transportation projects on the horizon that will impact the Village.

• A proposal for the Council to lead a community forum for the District 3 Supervisor candidates prior to the November election was met with enthusiasm, and volunteers will move this concept forward for the next meeting.

• The bylaws committee led the first of our review discussions on the Proposed Bylaws. Consensus on recommended changes was confirmed via a straw poll, and these changes are being incorporated in the document under review.

• A post-meeting survey indicated strong support for using the Zoom technology going forward – and so we shall. Join us for the meeting (Thursday, Sept. 10, 9 a.m.) from the comfort of your own home. Details will be provided with the meeting agenda the week prior.

• The results of the survey were published Aug. 24 as a website blog (

• Public Agency Reports – In the Works

Our streamlined meeting agenda is evolving as we adjust to the limitations of the Zoom format.

For the sake of timing, we cannot include the highly popular public agency reports that many of us enjoy. The executive board is working on a concept to deliver this information and connection either in the form of an email news bulletin and website post, or a separate Zoom meeting dedicated to that content and possibly a Q&A opportunity. Stand by for more as we work on coordination with the agencies.

Community Plan Committee Launched

At the meeting I presented a historical review of the Big Park Community Plan, explaining the County’s 2010 moratorium that resulted in the elimination of traditional community plans from the County Comprehensive Plan. A draft Purpose and Scope for an ad hoc committee the formation of the committee was unanimously approved.

A Working Group has been formed of community volunteers, which I agreed to chair. This is a community-wide project, open to anyone who would like to participate. Watch our website, the Villager and other community portals for information in coming weeks.

BPRCC denounces vandalizing campaign signs

It was brought to our attention that political campaign signs posted in the Village were recently destroyed “in the dark of night." The Executive Board of the Council is dismayed by this activity. Elections are the sacred mechanism of a democracy, down to the microscale of our community Council. When any candidate is disrespected, our process is undermined. The Council’s Code of Conduct states that we will “serve as a model of leadership and civility to the community”. We urge our Members and the community at large to be watchful and abiding by these principles throughout the election process.

Your community – your council

The BPRCC has a number of impactful and exciting projects happening and we encourage all Village residents to become involved. Get to know us by subscribing to our email list and attending the open meeting on the second Thursday of each month. There are many ways for residents to participate, whether or not you belong to a member organization. Shoot us a message at and describe your area of interest.

The September agenda will include the second in a series of discussions on the proposed bylaws. You will find a timeline showing progress on the review process, a current DRAFT document, and background materials on the next section up for review in a new area called “BPRCC Bylaws Update - Latest Information” on our website.

Camille Cox, President (

Monday, August 31, 2020

Agenda for Sept 10th Council Meeting

The September meeting of the Council will be conducted via Zoom.  If you would like to join the meeting, simply RSVP with your full name and email address to  (Representatives of the Council, Committee Chairs and Officers do not need to RSVP).

Treasurer's Report (download PDF)

Notice of Bylaws Amendment for discussion and decision (download PDF)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

New System for Public Comments to Yavapai County

From: Leah Brock <>

Date: August 24, 2020 at 4:34:14 PM MST

We are asking to public to make formal comments through the surveys below. This is brand new. This is the first time we have tried this. These links only became live today and will be posted to the website later this week, but in the meantime the public can access them through the links below.

These are the four hearing items that will be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission on September 17th.

My understanding is that this data will be collected and forwarded to the Commission up until 24 hours prior to the hearing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Leah Brock

Senior Planner

Yavapai County Development Services

Phone: (928) 649-6259

1.  The developers of Spring Creek Ranch propose building 2,100 housing units/pads on land that straddles Spring Creek. This would result in the equivalent of a new small town larger than the combined populations of both Cornville and Page Springs. CLICK HERE for map.

The hearing will take place at 9:00 AM on Thurs Sept 17. Due to the pandemic, the hearing will be virtual, with citizens connecting via Zoom or a similar capability.  Check the County website for link to meeting to be posted by Sept 3.




Sunday, August 23, 2020

Survey Results / Feedback on August Meeting via Zoom

The August meeting of the Council was conducted via Zoom for the first time.  The representatives strongly support continuing with electronic meetings until COVID restrictions are relaxed.

We surveyed all the meeting participants to collect inputs for improving the experience for the next meeting.  Twenty of the 22 attendees completed the survey.  Fifteen of the attendees were appointed Representatives.

Thursday, September 10th, 9am is the next regular meeting of the Council.  Mark you calendars! The agenda for that meeting will be set at the next Executive Board meeting scheduled for Monday, 8/31.  See the website calendar for details.  We will send the agenda via email the week prior with instructions for joining via Zoom. (Note the meeting is the Thursday of Labor Day week...)

A recap of the August meeting is covered in the previous blog post dated 8/14 on the website.

Friday, August 14, 2020

August Meeting Highlights

Thurs Aug 14th, Via Zoom

President Camille Cox welcomed new Representatives Carolyn Fisher (Oak Creek Country Club Estates I) and Steve Sutton (Sedona Golf Resort HOA).  She also announced that Phil Feiner was successfully elected secretary for the Council using the new electronic balloting system.

Quorum was met with 15 representatives present. There were seven others present.

Vice President Neil Pope gave the Audit Report complimenting the committee work of Carolyn Fisher and Marlene Macek. Current Treasurer's Report


The president and vice president expressed appreciation for Carla Williams’ excellent service during her 6-month tenure as treasurer.  VP Neil Pope is now the second authorized signer on the BPRCC bank account and Secretary Phil Feiner is in possession or the second mailbox key.  The president is also a signer and has a key.


The 2019 Nominating Committee was reconvened to search for a new treasurer, but has been unsuccessful to date.  The Council voted to confirm Vice President Neil Pope as treasurer pro-tem.


First Regular Meeting via Zoom   The president noted some of the new challenges and requested patience as we learn. A post-meeting survey will be sent to today's attendees to gather feedback to inform the Executive Board in adjusting future meeting protocols for improved efficiency and experience.


Bylaws Committee Co-Chair Mary Pope presented a summary of the Noticed Amendments to the current byLaws to add electronic voting and electronic meetings.  She answered questions on the two amendments that will be discussed and voted on at the September meeting.


Big Park Community Plan   The president presented a historical review of the community plan, explaining the County’s 2010 moratorium that resulted in the elimination of traditional community plans from the County Comprehensive Plan. A survey of 15 Reps who attended a Council Discussion Forum on July 14th unanimously recommended that the Council form an ad hoc committee to lead a community-wide effort to create a Vision Statement and updated Community Plan.  A draft Purpose and Scope for an ad hoc committee was presented, motion made and unanimously approved to establish the committee  The Purpose and Scope may be refined by the new committee and presented at the next meeting.  Dave Norton volunteered to join the committee which will include members of a Working Group of the P&Z Committee that was formed previously. Camille Cox agreed to chair the committee after a call for a volunteer went unanswered.


President Cox presented the concept of the Council producing a District 3 Supervisor Candidate Forum, which was enthusiastically supported by the representatives.  Some of the representatives shared recollections of how this had been done in the past.  It was suggested that both candidates should appear, possibly in a debate format, and answer questions specifically relevant to the Big Park Region.  Mike Ryan and Dave Norton will meet to explore options and create a proposed plan.


P&Z Committee  Camille Cox announced Mike Ryan’s resignation from the committee and congratulated Mary Morris as the new committee chair.  The Aug 28th regularly scheduled P&Z meeting will not take place unless an action item comes in from the County.


Membership Committee  Kathryn Stillman had resigned as chairman of the Membership Committee as well as committee member Lora Mazza.  Appreciation for their contribution, particularly for the completion of a draft Members Handbook that is now ready for review by the Council.  Lora added that a PowerPoint presentation was also produced.


John Swingle, Council Liaison to the VVTPO (Verde Valley Transportation and Planning Organization), thanked Camille and the Council for a last minute agenda change to include his report on County transportation activities effecting the Big Park Region.  He noted that the County is working on the crosswalk by Clark’s (Verde Valley School Rd and Slide Rock Rd) which is very dangerous.  Also there would be seal coating on the roads by Fairways Oaks, and the Verde Connect has received funding approval and will proceed the Design Phase.


Bylaws Review: Co-chair Mary Pope presented Governing Documents 101 explaining how the Council’s various documents work together and the process we will use to review the bylaws revisions.


Co-chair Nancy Maple presented the first of the 30-minute bylaws reviews – “Purpose and Tax-Exempt Status”.  It was noted that the Parliamentarian recommended including the Purpose up front in the bylaws under “Definitions”. The committee recommended that the tax-exempt status be summarized as a Procedure rather than be included in the bylaws due to the possibility that this status could be changed by the IRS, requiring complex later revision.


A straw vote was taken and the Council agreed that the Purpose and Tax-Exempt (short) statements should be included as part of the bylaws Definitions going forward.  There was also discussion as to whether or not these changes could be included in the current bylaws as we go along or whether we needed to wait until all changes were reviewed before voting on the package in its entirety.  It was noted that the bylaws committee must abide by the Council motion on how the review takes place – and also that the reason to hold changes until the end was because they often interact with later changes.  It was also pointed out that only the Council could change this process.


Nancy Maple announced the topics to be discussed in September: V Financial Provisions, IX Conflict of Interest, X Indemnification and XI Amendments/Effective Date.

You can access all of the information regarding the current and proposed bylaws, committee records and more on the Council website - BPRCC Bylaws Update Latest Info.

The next regular meeting of the Council will be September 10th, presumably via Zoom.  

The Executive Board will meet September 1 - see website calendar for time and location.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

COVID-19 Blitz Testing in Cottonwood

Spectrum Health Care will be conducting a Blitz Testing every Saturday in August 8:00 – Noon. Location: 651 Mingus Avenue in Cottonwood.

Testing is free. The tests are the PCR test – the nasal swab, generally the most reliable tests. 

Pre-registration is required @  

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Backpack/School Drive and Crisis Care Packing Event


Crisis Care Kits have become one of the biggest charitable opportunities of the year in the VOC. For the past six years the VOC Nazarene Church has facilitated the bulk purchase and packing of essential hygiene products for disaster victims.

The kit items are usually bagged and shipped in May, arriving in time to help people during the summer/fall disaster season. Recipients aren’t qualified by religion, nationality, economic status, race, or any other criteria, only need. This year we have been delayed by manufacturing and shipping shutdowns due to CV-19.

At last, the product is prepped and we’re ready to assemble the kits. They will be bagged and boxed this Saturday, July 25th from 8:30am – 12:30pm. A free lunch will be served when the packing is completed.

To volunteer, contact Pastor Jim at or call 928-284-0015 and leave a message.

Monday, July 20, 2020

July P&Z Committee Meeting Cancelled

Due to lack of topics to address, there will not be a Planning & Zoning Committee meeting this month.  The next meeting will be on August 28th.  (Fourth Friday of the month)

Mike Ryan, Chairman Planning & Zoning Committee

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Verde Valley Water Issues: District 3 Supervisor Candidate Forum

Water resources are a hot topic in the Verde Valley - and here's an opportunity to learn what is driving our regional water crisis.  Our two 2020 candidates for District 3 Supervisor explain their views and plans to tackle these challenges in this recorded forum produced by Citizens Water Advocacy Group.

2020 CWAG Water Issues Candidate Forum: Board of Supervisors District 3 candidates Randy Garrison, Cottonwood (incumbent) and Dr. Donna Michaels, Village of Oak Creek. 


In recognition of the fact that water is a limited resource, the Mission of the Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG) is to promote a sustainable water future in the Upper Verde River Basin and the Prescott Active Management Area.
Company Overview
The Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG) promotes a sustainable water future in the Upper Verde River Basin and the Prescott Active Management Area. We educate the public, encourage citizen action, and advocate for responsible governmental decision-making.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Candidate Forum

Tues, July 7th 5:30pm via Zoom.

Big Park/VOC is District 3, which will not be represented at this forum.

BOS decisions are made by the panel of five Supervisors representing different areas of our County. This forum will involve conversations that are very relevant to our community. Tune in!

Register for the forum ahead of time using this link:

The last day to register to vote in the August 4th 2020 Primary Election is Monday, July 6, 2020.

The last day to register to vote in the November 3rd 2020 General Election is Monday, October 5th, 020.

Meet Big Park Representative Joe Skidmore

Click on the link beneath the image to read The Villager article on Representative Joe Skidmore.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Forward Progress in the Time of COVID

May this find you discovering healthy, new avenues to stay physically, socially and spiritually strong.

Like most organizations, the Council has encountered complicated questions as to how to effectively operate in this landscape of restrictions and uncertainty.  I assure you that your Executive Board has been relentlessly seeking solutions that are workable, affordable and aligned with the needs of our community and the bylaws of our organization.

Some thorny questions have arisen, notably “how do we productively accomplish our business without face to face meetings that allow discussion and voting”?  Our bylaws don’t include provisions for our current scenario and pre-date tools like Zoom and ElectionBuddy.

Where bylaws are silent, consensus is often elusive, so it became necessary to seek answers from professional experts.  Through our informal pro-bono professional advisors, Parliamentarian Al Gage (CPP, PRP), and the Aspey Watkins & Diesel Law Group, it was discovered that electronic voting is permitted by Arizona law and that neither our Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws prohibit this.  The letter from AWD Law Group can be found on our website (under BPRCC Organizing Documents). Thanks to a generous private donation covering the legal expense, the Executive Board was able to quickly and carefully resolve this conundrum at no cost to the Council.

Resumption of Public Meetings
We are disappointed that the COVID situation has us at a standstill, and there will not be a regular public meeting in July and possibly August.  Further complicating resumption of live gatherings, the fire station where we normally meet is unlikely to be available for many months, and possible not this year.  Other options are under investigation. The legal opinion we received on June 15th suggests that electronic meetings may be possible if we can: (1) find a method that satisfies AZ law; and (2) get approval from the Council of Representatives.  On the advice of counsel, this possibility is being seriously looked into.

New Website Goes LIVE in June!
Our new website ( was made possible through the generous volunteerism of Darcy Hitchcock, Alternate Rep for The Ridge HOA.  Local photographer and philanthropist Bev Copen kindly contributed some of her award-winning images to beautify the site.  We are grateful to both of these community supporters for making the new site possible.

The format is very different, but you will find the same information: Latest news, roster of Member Organizations and reps, calendar, meeting minutes, bylaws and organizing documents, and email signup.

Secretary Elect Phil Feiner, committee member Nancy Maple and I are trained administrators and will be collaborating to keep the site up to date with Council and community information. Also, Nancy Maple and Representative Mary Pope (La Barranca II) are now trained to use our bulk email system which will help with timely electronic communication. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

Planning & Zoning Committee
The P&Z Committee meets via Zoom on the 4th Friday of each month.  If you’d like to witness the meeting, you’ll find information on the Council’s online calendar.

Currently the committee is working with Yavapai County on an improved BPRCC review methodology that will successfully support collaboration with applicants and provide the County with meaningful, applicable community input. This is a work in process.

The committee is closely following the progress of updates to the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan and the Verde Valley Regional Land Use Plan. These can be found on the Council website.  The state of Arizona mandates an update to the Comprehensive Plan every 10 years, and Supervisor Garrison stated that he recommends that the Regional Plan and all community plans be updated as well.

The bylaws of the BPRCC make significant reference to the Big Park Community Plan, which was last revised in 1998.  Two quotations from these bylaws follow:

“BIG PARK REGIONAL COMMUNITY shall mean residents, property owners, business owners and investors within the boundaries of the Big Park Community Plan adopted by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors on June 15, 1998, including subsequent amendments thereto ("Community Plan"), and with such other adjacent areas as may be approved by the Corporation for inclusion from time to time.

The powers and responsibility of the Council of Representatives shall include, without limitation, approval or disapproval of the following:

a. Implementation of the goals of the Community Plan;”

“The purpose of the Planning & Zoning Committee is to help coordinate all matters concerning planning and zoning issues in the Big Park Regional Community. The goals of the Planning & Zoning Committee are: a) To identify the planning and zoning issues affecting the Big Park Regional Community, primarily those issues identified in the Land Use Guidelines of the Community Plan; b) To make recommendations for action to the Council of Representatives based upon the Committee's research and discussion of the issues involved.”

The committee will be providing the Council with information on the process for updating these plans, the importance they play, and suggestions for how the BPRCC might most effectively work with the community to update the Big Park Community Plan. They will also provide guidance on how BPRCC might provide the County with community input on the updates to the Comprehensive and Regional Land Use Plans.

We invite your ideas and encourage everyone to visit the new website and subscribe to the Big Park Council email list.

Camille Cox, President  (

Monday, June 29, 2020

BPRCC Donates to Local Library


Thank you for your donation to Sedona Public Library in the Village for Library Giving Day. With your generous support we can offer library services and programs in the VOC.

We look forward to assisting our library patrons and visitors.


   Cheyrl Yeatts 

Manager SPL-V

Friday, June 26, 2020

Nancy Maple and Mary Pope Appointed Co-Chairs of Bylaws Committee

The Executive Board has appointed Nancy Maple and Mary Pope as Co-chairs of the Ad hoc Bylaws Committee, effective immediately.

Nancy has served as a member of this committee since its inception in July 2019. She also served on the 2019 P&Z Committee and is a member of the 2020 P&Z Committee.

Mary Pope is the Representative for LaBarranca II and served as Co-chair of the Parliamentary Training Committee that developed the current Code of Conduct and Meeting Rules for the Council.

Margie Gershtenson (alternate Representative for Las Piedras HOA) volunteered to join the committee along with former member of the committee Phil Feiner (Representative for Lee Mountain West).  Current members Matt Werner and ex officio member Camille Cox round out the committee of six.

The committee looks forward to completing its original Purpose and Scope by developing a Grievance Process and will also update the proposed bylaws to include electronic voting and meeting requirements.

We are grateful to these volunteers who will take the review process forward, and incorporate changes that arise from the Council discussions. The discussions will progress as per the Council's motion passed at the March meeting.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, send a message to

Monday, June 22, 2020

Help Re-open Montezuma Well

The continued closure of the Montezuma Well National Monument is hitting our friends in the Beaver Creek community hard. The businesses along Beaver Creek Rd depend on patronage by visitors to the Well. The recreational opportunities are limited by the absence of access to the picnic area and trails. 

Superintendent Dorothy FireCloud reported that a shortage of volunteers makes reopening unfeasible at this time.

To volunteer your time, which can be as little as four hours a week, email Krystina ( If emailing is not possible, call Superintendent Dorothy FireCloud at 567-5276, ext 223.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to our new website!

The format is quite different than the previous website, but you will find all important features:

  • Latest News
  • Roster of Member Organizations and Representatives
  • Calendar
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Bylaws and other organizing documents
  • Signup for email 
The new website was made possible through the generous volunteerism of Darcy Hitchcock, who constructed the site for us. It is built on the Google platform called Blogger, which is easy to use and low cost to maintain. Our secretary Phil Feiner and volunteer Nancy Maple have already been trained to support our communication.

Thanks also to photographer Bev Copen for contributing some of her photo images of our beautiful community.

If you have suggestions or comments, send a message to Camille Cox, President.

Friday, May 29, 2020

BPRCC Approach to Public Meetings as Re-opening Begins

Each day our Council receives an update from Supervisor Garrison’s office that includes daily update on COVID data for Yavapai County, information on new resources, and guidance for keeping our communities safe. We’ve been sharing via email items that are most timely to Big Park residents.

As of this writing (5/22), the guidance continues to advise against gathering for our monthly public meetings. We cannot predict when that might change. The community meeting venues in the VOC cannot provide predicted re-open dates.
We are carefully observing how other community groups and government agencies are using online technologies like Zoom, and gathering feedback from their leaders.
The past three months your Planning & Zoning Committee successfully used Zoom online technology to conduct meetings.  All committee members were present for deliberations, with non-participating visitors in the background (they could listen and watch).
Zoom meetings seem to work well for small discussion groups and provide good support for unilateral reporting to larger audiences.  They do not, however, effectively support community forum types of discussion.
As per the mission and goals of the Council, the monthly Regular meetings must be open and accessible to the entire Big Park community.  By nature, Zoom meetings limit participation to Council and community members with: the necessary equipment; access to sufficient high-speed internet service; facility with computer applications; access to training resources to learn/practice the application.

At this time, the Council’s time-critical matters are being conducted successfully via Zoom, small group meetings and email.  We plan to continue in this fashion until the county, state and federal guidance recommends that large gatherings are safe for our high-risk community demographic, and an appropriate venue becomes available.
Status of Proposed Bylaws Revision
At the March Council meeting, a motion was passed outlining the go-forward steps for reviewing the revised bylaws draft. The Executive Committee is required to uphold the directive of the Council - without modification - as required by the bylaws.
The next open, public Regular meeting of the Council will begin the important discussion of these proposals as outlined; beginning with the simplest revisions and moving on to proposed changes to our Membership and Organizational Structure. 
The Bylaws Committee has continued with its work electronically, and we look forward to the first open meeting where we can all fully participate and hear from them.  
Other Committees
In addition to P&Z and Ad hoc Bylaws Committees, the Executive and Membership committees have carried on their work via small group meetings in private homes and email.

We invite your ideas and thoughts, and encourage everyone to subscribe to the Big Park Council email list. The signup is on the bottom of the homepage –

Camille Cox, President  (

Friday, May 15, 2020

County Supervisor briefing

Today's briefing from our D-3 County Supervisor contained some information that may be of interest to you and your neighbors. Note: the CARES Act Funding, new hours for Blitz Testing Sites and the County's planned reopening on June 1.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Public Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

We announced previously that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the regular monthly meeting scheduled for May 14th was cancelled.

Last week the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors extended the Emergency Declaration through July 5th. You can read the details of that announcement here:…/yavapai-county-extends-emergenc…/.

It is unlikely that public meetings will be advisable in the coming months. When we are able to resume, we will provide notice via email, our faceBook page, and our website calendar.

During this hiatus, the Planning & Zoning Committee is continuing their work with small group working sessions and Zoom meetings. The Zoom meetings will are open to the public for observation, but you must request a "seat" prior to the meeting. Information on how to do that is included with the meeting agenda, which is distributed the week of the meeting. These meetings are regularly scheduled on the 4th Friday, this month that is May 22nd at 10am.