Monday, June 29, 2020

BPRCC Donates to Local Library


Thank you for your donation to Sedona Public Library in the Village for Library Giving Day. With your generous support we can offer library services and programs in the VOC.

We look forward to assisting our library patrons and visitors.


   Cheyrl Yeatts 

Manager SPL-V

Friday, June 26, 2020

Nancy Maple and Mary Pope Appointed Co-Chairs of Bylaws Committee

The Executive Board has appointed Nancy Maple and Mary Pope as Co-chairs of the Ad hoc Bylaws Committee, effective immediately.

Nancy has served as a member of this committee since its inception in July 2019. She also served on the 2019 P&Z Committee and is a member of the 2020 P&Z Committee.

Mary Pope is the Representative for LaBarranca II and served as Co-chair of the Parliamentary Training Committee that developed the current Code of Conduct and Meeting Rules for the Council.

Margie Gershtenson (alternate Representative for Las Piedras HOA) volunteered to join the committee along with former member of the committee Phil Feiner (Representative for Lee Mountain West).  Current members Matt Werner and ex officio member Camille Cox round out the committee of six.

The committee looks forward to completing its original Purpose and Scope by developing a Grievance Process and will also update the proposed bylaws to include electronic voting and meeting requirements.

We are grateful to these volunteers who will take the review process forward, and incorporate changes that arise from the Council discussions. The discussions will progress as per the Council's motion passed at the March meeting.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, send a message to

Monday, June 22, 2020

Help Re-open Montezuma Well

The continued closure of the Montezuma Well National Monument is hitting our friends in the Beaver Creek community hard. The businesses along Beaver Creek Rd depend on patronage by visitors to the Well. The recreational opportunities are limited by the absence of access to the picnic area and trails. 

Superintendent Dorothy FireCloud reported that a shortage of volunteers makes reopening unfeasible at this time.

To volunteer your time, which can be as little as four hours a week, email Krystina ( If emailing is not possible, call Superintendent Dorothy FireCloud at 567-5276, ext 223.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to our new website!

The format is quite different than the previous website, but you will find all important features:

  • Latest News
  • Roster of Member Organizations and Representatives
  • Calendar
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Bylaws and other organizing documents
  • Signup for email 
The new website was made possible through the generous volunteerism of Darcy Hitchcock, who constructed the site for us. It is built on the Google platform called Blogger, which is easy to use and low cost to maintain. Our secretary Phil Feiner and volunteer Nancy Maple have already been trained to support our communication.

Thanks also to photographer Bev Copen for contributing some of her photo images of our beautiful community.

If you have suggestions or comments, send a message to Camille Cox, President.