Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Dark Skies Committee Meeting, Jan 7th 3pm


January 7th, 3pm via Zoom

Supervisor Dr. Donna Michaels will attend the first part of our meeting. (20 minutes) to discuss :

  1. Improving county enforcement of our current lighting ordinance. A brief review of recent failures.  Open discussion on steps we can take to improve adherence.
  2. Reasons for updating our current ordinance and determining next steps.
  3. A brief review of the weaknesses of our lighting ordinance. Open discussion on  steps the county requires/recommends to modify the lighting ordinance

Committee Discussion:

  1. Old business
    • Status on signage
    • Partnering efforts with other communities
  2. Discussion of our purpose and goals
  3. Discussion on lighting ordinance modifications
  4. Discussion of “Got Dark? 2021” campaign