Tuesday, February 15, 2022

February 10th Meeting Highlights

President’s Report  Highlights of the February 9th Community Pulse event produced by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce were reported.  A link to the recording will be provided as soon as available. The BPRCC presentation that Camille gave at the Pulse event covered 2021 accomplishments and 2022 priority projects. Ed Rose with the Sedona-Oak Creek Airport Authority offered to speak at a future BPRCC meeting, which Camille recommended to the Council. 

Camille introduced and welcomed Curt Schneider as the new chair of the Dark-Sky Committee and welcomed Kathy Nelms as a new member of the P&Z Committee. 

She recently learned that Dave Norton, chairman of RRREMD and Council Representative, was responsible for approaching the owner of Sedona Vista Village to decorate the tree at the corner of Jacks Canyon Road & SR179 for the holiday season.  Owner Marty Aronson generously agreed to make that a reality.  Camille suggested to the Council that Mr. Aronson’s gesture be recognized by the Council, and a motion was unanimously approved that a letter be sent, authored by either the president or secretary. 

Sister Cities Camille introduced Chuck Marr to present on behalf of the Sister Cities Association. The organization is seeking letters of support from Verde Valley organizations for Sedona to become a Sister City. Although a formal governmental organization must approve the Sister City designation, they intend for the designation to include the Greater Sedona region and beyond. 

The goal of the Sister Cities Association is “To promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation one individual, one community at a time,” by extending the Sedona region’s hand of friendship. He introduced another association member, Sara Crosby, who emphasized the benefits of worldwide understanding as citizen ambassadors.  They are currently evaluating comparable cities overseas to find an appropriate match and requested volunteers to assist in the formation of the Association, which would include the selection process and managing the program once a “sister city” is approved.

This program builds upon community strengths by sharing learning and promoting cultural understanding and growth.  Carolyn Fisher noted that Big Park/VOC is an unincorporated area of Yavapai County, asked why the City of Sedona was sponsoring this program.  It was explained that a formal government entity is required for program approval. Carolyn suggested that the Yavapai Board of Supervisors be given the opportunity to participate.  Kathryn Stillman voiced a concern about the impact to tourism and resulting strain on the area’s infrastructure. To that point, Sara said the program is not intended to attract more tourists, but is better understood as a special guest program.  The ratio of international visitors is a small percentage.  Camille noted that the Sedona Village Learning Center was featured recently in the Villager newspaper for their active program teaching world citizenship to preschool age citizens.

Carolyn Fisher’s revised motion that the BPRCC write a letter of support, authored by the secretary, was seconded by Don Groves and passed unanimously.  PDF of the Sister Cities presentation, click HERE.

Refresher Training & Orientation  To download a PDF of the Refresher Training & Orientation presentation, click HERE.

Committee Reports

Planning & Zoning  Mary Morris updated the Council on the Pine Valley Property Owners Association Trails Committee presentation on the deviations of the newly revised Rabbit Ears trail from the decisions approved by the USFS in 2018.  She emphasized the issues of diminished view shed, steep inclines and homeowner privacy of the eastern (North/South) leg of the trail. The homeowners group is requesting that 1/2 mile of the trail be relocated to slightly higher elevation as originally designed, which they are willing to fund and/or contribute labor. Click HERE to view PDF of the presentation given to the P&Z committee.

EPPiC  Gwen Hanna reported that the Emergency Preparedness Committee reviewed a draft website wireframe and one-page printed brochure concept that would provide emergency preparation and response information specific to Big Park. The committee continues to research various websites, gathering information and ideas.  The committee agreed to invite representatives of the Sheriff’s office, Sedona Fire District, Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) and US Forest Service to future meetings to explain our concept and solicit their suggestions and guidance.   Patrick Murphy was recognized for volunteering to update the information on an ongoing basis once the website is launched.  Potential funding for these efforts is being investigated.

Strategic Planning/Leadership Development Task Force  Camille thanked Gwen for drafting a preliminary Purpose & Scope for this future committee. Discussion was robust and a refined Purpose & Scope are expected to be ready for Council review and approval in March.

Dark-Sky  Curt Schneider reported that he and committee members Alex Wirtz and Camille Cox performed an evening lighting survey, noting areas of the Village that should be addressed. A letter to the County will be sent requesting prioritization of the long-awaited update to the lighting ordinance. Council members are encouraged to send Curt or info@bigparkcouncil.com an email if they notice lighting concerns in the Big Park area. He also reported that a Dark-Sky event is planned for the third week in May and they are currently scouting venues.

VVTPO  Mary Morris reported on behalf of Steve Fiedler, letting the Council know that Verde Valley School Road (as well as other regionally significant roads) will be resurfaced using a rubberized chip process.  The current schedule is to award a construction contract mid-March for work to begin around the first of April.  Yavapai County Public Works plans to relocate the sidewalk in front of Clarks Market this month.

Announcements  The Public Agency speaker in March will be Amy Tinderholt of the Red Rock Ranger District.