Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sept. 8th Meeting Agenda



9:00 A.M. Thursday, September 8th 2022

If you would like to join the meeting, send an email to with your name and email address. You will be added to the guest list.  We welcome you!

ZOOM Meeting:  The ZOOM Waiting Room opens at 8:30am.  Each guest will need to check in prior to the 9:00am start time.  Please arrive early so you can be checked in by the host.  See meeting protocols for rules pertaining to this meeting.  


Call to Order

1. Roll Call 

2. President’s Report – Camille Cox

3. Secretary’s Report – Duane Thompson, pro tem

    a. Approve August minutes

    b. Changes to Membership and/or Representatives 

4. Treasurer’s Report – Patty Reski, Treasurer

    a. Current financial standing

    b. Budget committee

5. Unfinished Business

    a.  The Collective Sedona Special Use Permit – Camille Cox
    b. VOTE: Bylaw revision Article I, Section 3 to allow use of name "BIG PARK COUNCIL" and                     Proposed logo – Camille Cox
    c. Discussion - Resumption of in-person meetings – Patty Reski

6. New Business

    a. Healthcare Services Survey

7. Committee Reports 

    a. P&Z – Dave Norton, Brief on AT&T 5G installation
    b. APS Subcommittee – Duane Thompson
    c. Art in the Roundabouts (AiR) – Rolf Funk
    d. Dark-Sky – Curt Schneider
    e. Community Plan – Camille Cox, Brief on STR Legislation
    f. Nominating – Committee member

8. Announcements 



Next P&Z Meeting: none scheduled

Next EB Meeting: Monday, October 3rd, 3pm

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, October 13th, 9am

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Yavapai County Seeks Input from the Big Park/VOC Community

Yavapai County just published a new survey to gather residents' opinions on land use policy.  Of the 13 different topical surveys they've published as part of this process - the matter of altering existing zoning (Land Use) will have Very High Impact for communities like ours.  If we want to protect the small town character of our community, we need to let the County know where we feel high density and commercial projects are desirable - and where where they are not!

Please take the time to complete this survey - it should take approximately 5 minutes.  Each member of your household may complete the survey, and you are encouraged to share the survey with your friends and neighbors.  Your personal information will not be used or shared by the County.

Take LAND USE Survey Now

There are surveys on many other topics to inform the Comprehensive Plan, which you can access here:


In-Person Opportunity to Discuss the Plan with County Staff

Tuesday, August 9th 2-4pm (yes, THIS week)

Sedona Library in the Village (located at the Big Park Community School, 25 West Saddlehorn Rd.)

Big Park/VOC residents will have an in-person opportunity to ask questions and provide input to Development Services staff about the County Comprehensive Plan Update. This is a drop-in session, come by any time between 2pm and 4pm.  (if you haven't been to the new library yet, you'll be wow'ed!)

You can review the DRAFT plan elements at:  On that page you'll find the draft documents for nine of the Elements and the Draft Vision Statement.  The Comprehensive Plan is a critical document will help guide land use decisions in the unincorporated areas of the county for the next 10 years.

Below, for your convenience, you can review the County's Draft Vision Statement. Its purpose is to provide high level guidance for County decision-makers in the future - with the various Elements delving into specifics.  All of these pieces are still in Draft form, to be finalized in coming months.  Now is the time to provide your input to the County!

If you have questions, contact County Development Services staff at  For questions about how this fits into our local Community Plan, send a message to

In coming weeks, your Big Park-VOC community plan will be sending key dates for completion of our work, and ways that you can participate in the community review. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Meeting Agenda - August 11th 2022


9:00 A.M. Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Guests must RSVP to receive the ZOOM link and to be on the attendees list.  If you would like to join the meeting, send an email to with your name and email address. You will be added to the guest list.  We welcome you!

Public Agency Speaker: Donna Michaels, Yavapai County Supervisor
Public Agency Speaker:
Marianne Langridge, Sustainability Synthesis – Growing Water Smart update.

  1. Roll Call 
  2. President’s Report – Camille Cox
  3. Secretary’s Report – Mary Pope
    1. Approve June minutes
    2. Changes to Membership and/or Representatives 
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Patty Reski, Treasurer
    1. Current financial standing
    2. Call for volunteers to serve on the 2023 Budget Committee
  5. Unfinished Business
    1.  Strategic Planning & Leadership Development – Proposed nominating committee procedure – Don Groves
  6. New Business
    1.  Council appointment of Nominating Committee
  7. Committee Reports 
    1. P&Z - Mary Morris
    2. APS Subcommittee – Duane Thompson
    3. Emergency Preparedness (EPPiC) – Gwen Hanna
    4. Art in the Roundabouts (AiR) – Rolf Funk
  8. Announcements 
    1. Novel Night – Carolyn Fisher
Next P&Z Meeting: Friday August 19th 10am, Zoom
Next EB Meeting: Tuesday August 30th, 3pm, location TBD
Next Regular Meeting: Thursday September 8th, 9am, Zoom