How do you feel about the quality of healthcare services in the Verde Valley?

County Supervisor Donna Michaels is highly concerned that our residents have access to the quality of healthcare services we need.  To that end, she asked us to survey the Big Park-VOC community to learn more about our experience with Northern Arizona Healthcare.

You are receiving this survey as a subscriber to the Big Park/VOC Community Plan.  Our Community Vision Statement that was vetted by you earlier this year includes a commitment to good health – your answers will not only help Supervisor Michaels to advocate on our behalf, but also help shape our community plan.

The short survey includes six questions – estimated time to complete is less than 6 minutes.  All responses are strictly confidential.

Thank you for your time, and please pass this request along through your network of friends.

Big Park – Village of Oak Creek Vision Statement

Our community honors and protects its quiet, small-town feel and southwestern heritage.

We value and support low-density, low-rise, walkable development designed to preserve our Red Rock views, open spaces, and cherished International Dark-Sky designation.

Priorities include the health, welfare, and safety of residents, reliable broadband and infrastructure, and access to abundant recreational and cultural opportunities.

As part of our economy, we support sustainable tourism practices that enrich the quality of life for residents and future generations.