Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Takes Minimal Effort

It takes minimal effort for any of us to prepare for an emergency, and we can all do our part. A good practice in that effort is to take steps included in the three P’s— Prevention, Planning, Preparation

Who’s on First?

Who are the Emergency Responders for our Big Park/Village of Oak Creek area and what are their specific areas of responsibility?
There are many agencies and people to thank for tirelessly preparing for and assisting us in the event of an emergency. The ones listed below are those who work as part of an incident command team in the event of a community emergency. Along with the public agencies listed, are also our utility providers, including our power and water companies who provide support to ensure our safety.

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO): In addition to responding to our 9-1-1 calls, this department is responsible for the management of large-scale incidents and has the sole responsibility for evacuations within its jurisdiction.

Minutes of the interview with the YCSO regarding their role in an emergency.*

Sedona Fire District (SFD): Responsible for fire management (structure & wildland), emergency medical, and rescue services.

Minutes of the interview with the SFD regarding their role in an emergency.*

Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM): Focuses on pre-emergency preparedness, emergency management and logistics, and post recovery operations.

Minutes of the interview with the YCOEM regarding their role in an emergency.*

United States Forest Service (USFS): Primary responsibility is to protect the resources within the National Forest, and at the top of that list is wildland fire response.
Minutes of the interview with the USFS regarding their role in an emergency.*

American Red Cross (ARC): Responsible for working with various agencies to provide shelter and sheltering services for evacuees.
Minutes of the interview with the YCSO regarding their role in an emergency.*

* Footnote: All minutes included above have been reviewed and approved for public distribution by the respective agencies.


There are many resources that provide information about how to be ready for an emergency and they all have common themes based on key words used by emergency experts “Ready-SetGo.”

Basic Steps are:

  1. Get Ready: We should always be ready. Take responsibility to keep our homes safe, including creating defensible space if living in a fire danger area, and have your emergency supplies and belongings ready and secured in a safe place. Plan your escape route, have a communication plan with family, friends, and neighbors, and if possible, have an idea of a place to stay if evacuated. Sign up for emergency alerts with our agencies.
  2. Be Set: Pack up your emergency kit and stay aware of latest news and information from public safety agencies, including their respective websites and FaceBook pages (not social media sites such as NextDoor) for updated news.
  3. Evacuate-Go: Leave immediately if told to evacuate and adhere to instructions provided by the local agencies, but acting early and leaving before the evacuation order is always a better strategy.

The five P’s of evacuation items:

  1. People and Pets—have a plan for all
  2. Prescriptions—dosages, medical/insurance cards, medical equipment with adequate batteries/power cords, face coverings, sanitation wipes/lotions
  3. Papers—important documents both hardcopy and on thumb drives
  4. Personal Needs—clothing, water, baby supplies, food, cash, credit cards, first aid kits, phones/mobile devices and chargers
  5. Priceless Items—jewelry, photos, irreplaceable items or mementos

Questions for those last-minute grab-and-go items:

  1. Is it irreplaceable?
  2. Does your life depend on it?
  3. Is it something you use daily?
  4. Does it have monetary value?
  5. Is it something you keep in a home safe, or somewhere in the home for safekeeping?


Coconino Ready-Set-Go action guide check list 3-page PDF

Coconino Emergency Kit picture & list 1 page PDF

FEMA Basic Preparedness article 34-page PDF

Additional Information:








The Yavapai County 2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan has given the Village of Oak Creek its highest ranking for fire danger with a severity of Catastrophic. Are you prepared? Do you know what to do? Plan, prepare, be “Firewise.”

Emergency Preparedness: Create defensible space around your home

Create defensible space around your home

2006 La Barranca Fire

Coconino Ready-Set-Go & FIREWISE 12 page PDF

Firewise USA – 2 page brochure PDF

The Firewise website (National Fire Protection Agency) provides additional information on home safety and the opportunity for your entire community to become Firewise.
NFPA – Firewise USA®

Pets & Large Animals

In an Emergency, Save Your Horse and Other Large Animals. Call Equine Emergency Evacuation (EEE) 833-922-9333.  They coordinate with the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) and Large Animal Shelters & Emergency Readiness (LASER) to evacuate and find shelter for large animals.

Smaller pets will be evacuated and sheltered by the Animal Disaster Services who coordinate with the American Red Cross (ARC) and YCOEM to keep pets near the shelter housing their owners.

Learn more about pet/livestock emergency support, care and evacuation. Be prepared with recommended pet disaster supplies and check lists.

Equine Emergency

5/1/2022 Equine Emergency Evacuation logistics command truck & Arizona Rangers at Horse Mesa Ranch, during demonstration & presentation.  Photo courtesy of Mary Pope.


Resources and Additional Information:

CDC Recommendations – Pet Safety in an Emergency

FEMA Recommendations – Pet Safety be “Petpared” for Disaster

Equine Emergency Evacuation of Yavapai County Website

LASER Pet Shelter website

Animal disaster Services website

Natural Disaster Preparedness 4-page PDF from Best Friends

Pet Natural Disaster 3-page PDF Checklist from Best Friends

Pet Emergency Supplies 1-page PDF Checklist from Best Friends

Pets and Emergencies What to do in a Crisis 3-page PDF from Best Friends

Pets and Emergencies, Be Prepared 5-page PDF from Best Friends