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The Big Park Council provides unique value to our region. Without it there would be no
organized structure to support communication and collaboration among our member
organizations and the community at large; nor would there be a unified voice to public
and private agencies on issues affecting our community. That unified voice is a
powerful tool for local government and other agencies to listen, take note and adjust
their planned actions.

The Council

The Council is a non-profit corporation comprised of Residential, Business and
Educational Member Organizations. Unlike individual HOA’s and enterprises – our
mission embraces the best interests of the entire community. Each Member
Organization appoints a Representative. These Representatives form the Board of
Directors of the corporation and are commonly referred to as the Council of
Representatives or simply the Council. The Council is the decision-making body and
must review and approve any action proposed by its committees, liaisons, and officers.
Although Big Park Council meetings are open to the public and the public is welcome to
join in its discussions, only Council members may vote on proposed actions.

Committees & Liaisons

The work of the Council researching issues and seeking solutions, is done by its
committees. All committee members are volunteers. Some committees are called
“Standing” and others are “Ad Hoc”. A standing committee is permanent and
specializes in the consideration of a particular subject area (Planning & Zoning, Dark-Sky, Membership). An ad hoc committee is formed to accomplish specific tasks and
disbands when their task is completed. Currently active ad hoc committees are Art in
the Roundabouts, Emergency Preparedness, APS Transmission Line, and Community

Liaisons assure that communication channels remain open with organizations such as
the Forest Service, ADOT and Yavapai County.
To volunteer to serve on a committee or in another capacity, send an email to


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