Art in the Roundabouts

Art in the Roundabouts Committee

The Purpose of the BPC Art in the Roundabouts Committee, in collaboration with the Sedona Village Partnership, is to lead the effort to select and install artworks in the Village’s four traffic roundabouts. Quietly working since May of 2022, the committee has engaged the community to discuss and work together to realize the vision

The Art in the Roundabouts Committee of the Big Park Council has its own website. To find out more about this exciting project and/or to volunteer to help with the process, go to HOME | Our Village Art | Big Park Council or send an email to

Below are images of a traffic roundabout in the Village of Oak Creek without a central piece of artwork, in contrast with roundabouts in Sedona that benefit from the beauty of the sculptures “Above” and “Beyond” by Kim Kori and Ken Rowe.

Art in the Roundabouts

The design of “Above” and “Beyond” at the “Y” and Brewer Road roundabouts, incorporates nature, wildlife, the earliest human inhabitants, local history and art.

Above & Beyond

Photos from 2012 Dedication Ceremony of “Above” and “Beyond” courtesy of Mary Pope