Local Issues

BPC Involvement in Local Issues

The Big Park Council (BPC), through its committees, researches issues affecting the
community and, through a consensus process, develops comments and recommendations to present, as a unified voice, to local government and other agencies.

The Council was recognized by the Governor in 2006 for Leadership in Rural Communities. Actions that lead to that recognition were:

  • Provided guidance for subdivisions (Las Piedras, La Barranca, CR Ranch and FireCliff),
  • Influenced SR179 upgrade (sidewalks),
  • Developed the successful application for AZ’s first All-American Road Scenic Byway and
  • Sponsored the application for designation as an International Dark-Sky Community and provides documentation to support continuing Dark-Sky designation.
Local Issues

More Recent Council Actions

More recently, the Council has:

  • Provided a forum for the community understand Vista Village upgrade plans and to voice concerns regarding signage and the proposed removal of the Village Christmas tree. (Signage reduced, tree saved)
  • Supported The Collective special use permit to resume hosting local events.
  • Presented community concerns on the proposed Hilton Garden Inn construction on the corner of Jacks Canyon Road and SR179 resulting in concessions in building height and setbacks. (Continues to be monitored)
  • Supported the Horse Mesa Ranch special use permit to continue to board horses.
  • Presented community concerns and alternative solutions for the USFS to consider with respect to the APS proposed transmission line between the McGuireville and VOC substations. (ongoing)
  • Conducted a community survey on recycling to support Board of Supervisors’ action (ongoing).
  • Conducted a community survey on local health care requirements in collaboration with District 3 Supervisor Michaels. (ongoing)
  • Worked together with Bechtel Engineering and the Las Piedras HOA on the location and image (“monopine”) of the proposed ATT 5G tower.
  • Supported Verde Valley School community outreach program regarding expansion, also expressing community concerns to Yavapai County.
  • Held an APS Transmision Line Public Forum to provide an update on the current status of the proposed 13-mile high-voltage transmission line between McGuireville and the VOC substation. 

A history to be proud of, that continues to this day.

Proposed land use changes are the most common issues faced by the community and these are handled by the BPC Standing Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Committee and its ad hoc APS Transmission Line Subcommittee.