Courthouse and Bell Rock from Sedona Golf Resort. Image credit: ©Beverly K. Copen

What We Do
The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was incorporated in 1996 to promote the best interests of residents, property owners and businesses in the Big Park/Village of Oak Creek community. The Council includes representatives from homeowners associations and local enterprises. We discuss issues and share information. Where appropriate, we provide input to County, State and Federal agencies. We do not have formal authority but we can influence decisions that affect the livability of our community.  The Council is a 501(C)6 Arizona corporation.

Stay Informed
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If your neighborhood, school or business organization is not represented on the Council and you would like it to have a voice, consider joining the BPRCC.  Our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws explain the qualifications and process for joining.

The Big Park/Village of Oak Creek community relies on the volunteer spirit of our residents. If you would like to volunteer to assist the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, contact one of the officers or send an email to us at info@bigparkcouncil.org.  We welcome your involvement!