Member Organizations

Member Organizations

The Big Park Council is a non-profit corporation comprised of Residential, Business and Educational Member Organizations.  We often use the term “member” to mean a Member Organization.  Today, the Council includes 23 Residential (HOAs), Business and Educational Member Organizations who, in turn, represent the more than 6,100 citizens of the area.

Each Member Organization appoints a representative to speak for them and vote at the BPC meetings.  These representatives are called the Council of Representatives (Council).  Member Organizations may also appoint several alternate representatives who are able to substitute for the primary representative if necessary.

The image below shows the names of the BPC Member Organizations, their representatives and their first alternate representatives.

The Full Member Organization List includes all alternate representatives as well as the name of the president/authority of each Member Organization.

Details and applications on how to become a Member Organization (member) can be found on the page To Become a BPC Member Organization

In addition to BPC Communications (past public emails and blog postings), the Big Park Council maintains an archive of meeting agendas and minutes, governing documents, committee, and treasurer reports. The most accessed folders are listed below.