Community Plan

Community Plan Committee

A Community Needs a Vision and a Plan in order to thrive. A sense of place in the world, declared values, a path forward.  Unlike incorporated areas, we do not have funding or staff to undertake the work necessary for our Community Vision Statement and Community Plan. But we do have time, treasure, and extraordinarily capable and directly relevant talent in this community. Our community needs your involvement -NOW.

The Community Plan Committee will be reactivating in 2023.  Anyone interested in serving on the committee or on the implementation of one of the higher priorities should send an email to

A Vision Statement for the Big Park/VOC Community was completed and adopted by the Big Park Council in March 9, 2023.

Vision Statement

Community Surveys

Community surveys were conducted in 2021 and issues as well as priorities identified.  654 responses were received. It is estimated that the response level accounts for approximately 10% of community residents. The survey data reflects 81% of respondents reside in the community full-time, 19% part-time, and 98% own their residence.  Key summary images follow.

Assessments as of March 2021 before Removal of the Recycling Center

Illustration of the most frequently mentioned terms from survey question: What three words describe why you chose to live in the VOC? The scale of the words reflects the number of mentions by respondents.

Community Statement
Community Statement

Top 5 Community Priorities

  1. Internet and Telecommunications
  2. Medical Services
  3. Community Parks and Recreation Areas
  4. Development Design Standards
  5. Roads