Become A BPC Member

How To Become a BPC Member Organization

The Big Park Council is a non-profit corporation comprised of Residential, Business and Educational Member Organizations. We often use the term “member” to mean a Member Organization.

Each Member Organization appoints a representative to speak for them and vote at the BPC meetings.  These representatives are called the Council of Representatives (Council).  Today, the Council includes representatives from 23 Residential (HOAs), Business and Educational organizations who, in turn, represent the more than 6,100 citizens of the area.

While individuals can participate as volunteers and are welcome to join committees, attend meetings and join in discussions, there are no individual memberships. Only organizations may become members.  This is important to know because only Council members may vote on proposed actions.  

Details and applications on how to become a Member Organization (member) can be found in the following policy documents. 

Residential Member Organization (RMO)

Business Member Organization (BMO)

Educational Institute Member Organization (EIMO)

If the application process described in these documents is in any way unclear, send an email to and someone will work with you.

If your organization does not fall within any of the three membership categories listed above, the bylaws permit the Council to consider creating your own  “… other community organizations … within the boundaries of the Big Park Regional Community …” so welcome!

All applications are reviewed and must be approved by the Council before an organization becomes a Member Organization.  Annual dues are pro-rated depending on the date of Council approval.

Policy on Member Assessments