Agenda: Jan 14th Council Meeting

If you’d like to attend the meeting, send an email to with your name and email address.

9:00 A.M., Thurs, January 14th, 2021 
ZOOM Meeting

The Zoom Waiting Room opens at 8:30 am. Attendees need to check in prior to the 9am start time. Please arrive early so you can be checked in by the host. See meeting protocols for rules pertaining to this meeting.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call – Mary Pope, Secretary
  3. President’s Report – Camille Cox, President
  4. Secretary’s Report – Mary Pope, Secretary
    1. Approve December minutes (previously distributed to reps/alternates)
    2. Changes to Membership and/or Reps
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Neil Pope, Treasurer Pro-Tem
    1. Current Financial Standing
  6. New Business
    1. Invitation to become Partner to Sedona Village Partnership, Don Groves
  7. Revised Bylaws Review Session – Co-chairs Nancy Maple and Mary Pope
    1. Representation 
  8. Committee and Other Reports
    1. P&Z Committee, Mary Morris, Chair
      1. Introduce P&Z Committee members for 2021
    2. Dark-Skies Committee, Dave Norton
      1. Recap of Committee Meeting with Donna Michaels
    3. Ad hoc Bylaws Committee, Co-chairs Nancy Maple and Mary Pope
      1. NOTICE of Current Bylaws Amendments
      2. Articles VIII Payment of Fees & Assessments
      3. IX Indemnification
      4. X Amendments/Effective Date

Next Executive Board Meeting:
Tuesday, Feb 5th 2pm location TBD
Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, Feb 11th 9am via Zoom