Agenda March 11th, 2021 Meeting


9:00 A.M., Thurs, March 11th, 2021
ZOOM Meeting
The Zoom Waiting Room opens at 8:30 am.  Each attendee will need to check in prior to the 9am start time. Please arrive early so you can be checked in by the host.  See meeting protocols for rules pertaining to this meeting.  If you’d like to join this meeting, send an email to with your full name and email address.
  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call – Mary Pope, Secretary
  3. President’s Report – Camille Cox, President
  4. Secretary’s Report – Mary Pope, Secretary
    1. Approve February minutes (previously distributed to reps/alternates)
    2. Changes to Membership and/or Reps
  5. Audit Report – Dave Norton, Vice President & Chair of Audit Committee
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Patty Reski, Treasurer
    1. Current financial standing
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. Revised Bylaws Review Session – Co-chairs Nancy Maple and Mary Pope
    1. Article III – Representation, continued from January
    2. Article VI – Officers Roles & Responsibilities
  9. Committee and Other Reports
    1. P&Z Committee, Mary Morris, Chair
      1. Village Vet Clinic amended use permit proposed commentary – Council review & vote
      2. Tent Show – Board of Supervisor Meeting 3/17/21  commentary
      3. Publication of APS survey information
    2. Community Plan, Camille Cox
    3. Ad hoc Bylaws Committee, Co-chairs Nancy Maple and Mary Pope
      1. NOTICE Current Bylaw Article I – Definitions, Article II – Membership
      2. NOTICE (Informational) – Proposed Policies/Applications for Member Organizations
Next Executive Board Meeting: Tuesday, March 30th  2pm  location TBD
Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, April 8th 9am via Zoom

BPRCC Zoom Meeting Guest Etiquette

  1. Identify yourself with first and last name when you set up your zoom profile
  2. Arrive at least 10-20 minutes early.  Guests will be checked against our RSVP list and admitted by the co-host.
  3. We will lock the meeting at 9:15—no late entrance to avoid distraction.
  4. Audio Settings/Options
    • Zoom will ask give you audio options – choose computer audio. Other audio options can generate disruptive feedback.
    • While in the waiting room, test your audio to make sure it is working.
    • When admitted to the meeting, your audio will be automatically muted.  When called on to speak, you will need to Unmute your audio first.
  5. Make sure you are familiar with the Raise Hand command on the toolbar.  This is the only means that the Chair and presenters can see that you wish to speak.
  6. The BPRCC Code of Conduct and Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedure will be in effect at this meeting.  As a reminder, you will find them included with this message.  Click here to Download PDF

NOTE:  Please make sure you are familiar with the Raise Hand function of the application.  This is important to having an orderly and efficient meeting.