Supervisor Michaels Tackles NAH Quality of Service Issues and Survey Results

The Big Park Council recently collaborated with County Supervisor Donna Michaels to survey the Big Park-VOC community to learn more about our experience with Northern Arizona Healthcare.  The results of the survey revealed that many residents are struggling to get timely access to the care they need.

Supervisor Michaels is working with Northern AZ Healthcare to address these and other concerns to insure that quality healthcare services are secured for our community.  Although she could not attend the September 8th Council meeting, she sent the following message to be publicly shared.


The Supervisor will continue to update us as progress is made.

Survey Results

On September 1st, the Council’s Community Plan Committee issued a 6-question online survey to measure the experience and sentiment of the community with respect to  services provided by Northern Arizona Healthcare.  That survey generated 387 unique responses, which are summarized below.  Download entire report. (7 pages 1.2 MB)  Download Appendix with individual responses. (36 pages, 435 KB)

Thank you for your interest, and to everyone who participated in the survey.