Survey Results / Feedback on August Meeting via Zoom

The August meeting of the Council was conducted via Zoom for the first time.  The representatives strongly support continuing with electronic meetings until COVID restrictions are relaxed.

We surveyed all the meeting participants to collect inputs for improving the experience for the next meeting.  Twenty of the 22 attendees completed the survey.  Fifteen of the attendees were appointed Representatives.

Thursday, September 10th, 9am is the next regular meeting of the Council.  Mark you calendars! The agenda for that meeting will be set at the next Executive Board meeting scheduled for Monday, 8/31.  See the website calendar for details.  We will send the agenda via email the week prior with instructions for joining via Zoom. (Note the meeting is the Thursday of Labor Day week…)

A recap of the August meeting is covered in the previous blog post dated 8/14 on the website.